Golf’s PERSONALIZED short game practice aid!

Coach18: The perfect HOLIDAY gift for the Golfer of all ages in your family!

Coach18 is the best short game “PRACTICE AID” on the market! It makes your time spent more efficient, beneficial and fun. If you want to improve your score, you must learn short game fundamentals. Putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots. Golf takes hard work to get good, but it’s fun work with the Coach18!

Coach18 sets goals for Practice: Setting goals for the student is the coach’s and players job. 72 chips, 54 putts, 90 pitch shots. Coach18 does this exact thing. Having students start each practice session with a set amount of shots gets their mind in the game. Doing this over the course of a summer, year, several years you can see how the golf touch builds, trajectories come into play and the imagination grows in the student. All this will lead to them becoming a better golfer. Hard work pays off and this practice will lower your scores!

Coach18 Advantages:
More efficient practice time and easier practice routines for the individual. Parents can help with this process!
Excellent amount of balls for coaching. (18-36-54-72) Easy to set shot amounts and goals!
Alignment aid for feet, knees, hips, shoulders & eyes! Setting-up square is a huge fundamental!
Excellent for progression drill set-up for all facets! Putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots.
Bumper for showing a descending strike for chipping. Set on grass 14” perpendicular behind ball.
Parents spend quality practice time with your junior golfer! Help them with their personal goals! It’s fun!

Customers of Coach18 include: Golf Professionals, Golf Coaches, Golf Teams & all levels and ages of players!

Coach18: Comes to you personalized with your (2) chosen colors along with your name, title & logo.
(must show authorization for logo usage)

Colors: Match your favorite team! Black & Gold! Red & White! Green & Gold! Orange & Blue!

Coach18: Invest in the best golf lesson you will ever receive!

$99.99 includes tax and shipping!
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**Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
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