Trainer Tips for the Teen Golfer

Trainer Tips for the Teen Golfer

A lot of times, too much of a good thing isn’t always good.  When practicing and working on your game, you must take time to reflect, analyze and take note on what is working and what is not.  Shooting lower scores is the main goal.  You must have a well rounded practice routine.  It could be your diet, weight lifting, stretching exercises.  These all help but when done too much, they can become detrimental.
Your mind and body must stay fresh to play at your highest level.

Studying and working on the best techniques in all areas of golf must be mastered.  There are so many areas to the game and they must all be studied.  Putting, chipping, pitching, bunker and that is only the start.  You must be thorough in your practice.  Exercise is the same way.  You must learn technique for your body to improve over time.  Poor technique can inhibit performance.

There is a reason the great athletes of today hire dietitians and personal chefs.  They must fuel their bodies in order to perform at the highest level.  No way around this.  Study your diet and take a stance to do better.  Diet habits are as important as hours of practice on the range.

For you to achieve your highest levels, your mind and body must be at its peak.  Trying to do too much in a practice session or too much training prior to a big event is not always helpful.  Rest and body relaxation will always help your performance.

First you must set your goals of what you want to achieve.  Then develop the process it’s going to take to get you there.  Your goal must be written with a mental image of what you want to attain.  Now you have everything in place to work towards your finished product.

Golf is an individual sport, however there are people associated that help you along the way.  Parents, coaches and golf teammates all play a part in the process of success.  Having patience working with your team will only enhance your chances of success.   Being considerate to others is easier and will have more impact on your success than trying to do it alone.

No matter how bad it gets, never let anyone see you down.  Keep your head high and chin up.  Being positive and remembering the good will shorten the downfall.  The more you pout, the longer and more negative the situation will become.  Not just for you, but for everyone around you.  Refer back to #6.

Golf is not a sprint.  The more relaxed you play, the better you will play.   Your swing and putting stroke must repeat.  Build good golf habits and stay steady in your thoughts to the game.  You must practice all scenarios to a round of golf.  But in order for you to do these things, your life and goal process must be consistent.  Be consistent with #1-#7 and #8 will happen!